Celeste Sunderland Gottfried

Freelance Writer

Berlin, Germany

Celeste Sunderland Gottfried

A journalist and copywriter with over 15 years experience creating compelling content around music, art, science, technology, travel, and more.



Web Copy Refresh: Girls Gearing Up

Entirely refreshed the website copy for this organization that runs a girls leadership academy based in Berlin, Germany.

Blog Content: Archer Relocation

Contributes blog articles and manages social media platforms for this Berlin relocation agency.

Wrote Article: Bill Frisell's Big Ocean

Sometimes music creates such an intense atmosphere that it begins to control the listener's breathing.
All About Jazz Link to Story

Wrote Article: Finding Carla Bley

Some people store their collections in cigar boxes. Others display them in glass cases. Pianist/composer Carla Bley...
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Wrote Article: Curcumin Lowers Neuroinflammation

Some inflammation is normal in a healthy mammalian brain. But as the brain ages...
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Wrote Press Release: MBF Bioscience Announces Launch of MicroDynamix

New Software Application Quantifies Changes in Dendritic Spine Morphology Over Time
MBF Bioscience Link to Story

Wrote Article: Academy of Art Earns Accreditation as SideFX Certified Houdini School

From feature films, to music videos, video games and live concerts, special effects artists use software...
Academy Art U News Link to Story

Wrote Article: Students Think Like the Pros at Google Workshop

Thirty students walked into a conference room at Google’s San Francisco office...

Wrote Article: Keith Haring's Paintings and Politics Arrive in San Francisco

For the first time in nearly 20 years, the works of Keith Haring come to the West Coast.
ArtPhaire by Park Hyatt Link to Story

Wrote Article: Sculptor Merges Innocence with Authenticity

Margaret Keelan doesn’t call herself a storyteller, but the narrative elements...
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Wrote Article: A "Creative Time" for Parker Posey

The Party Girl plays a college professor in Woody Allen’s new film, 'Irrational Man.'
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Wrote Article: Kate Beckinsale Reunites with Director Whit Stillman

The actress stars in 'Love & Friendship,' a Jane Austen adaptation with a naughty twist.
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Celeste Sunderland Gottfried

A journalist, copywriter, and blogger with a background in digital production, Celeste Sunderland is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Originally from Rhode Island, she has lived in New York, Paris, and Berkeley, California, and writes about interesting people and places all over the world.